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Learn Where To Access The Best tech of 2017

Techamaki brings you the latest reviews and pros and cons of the headlining tech of 2017. Learn the best of new technology for 2017 and get an in depth look at the technology of tomorrow today.

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6 Best Fitness Trackers for 2017: A Buyers Fitness Tracker Guide

Fitness trackers also known as activity trackers, are devices for the monitoring and tracking of fitness related exercise such as the number of miles walked, run, the calorie count, the rate of heart beat and the quality of sleep.   The use of these fitness trackers has resulted in some amazing weight loss by people. […]

The 7 Best Scooters and Self Balancing Hoverboards of 2017 – A Buyers Guide

They come in many guises, you may call them hoverboards or self balancing scooters, whatever the name attached these guys have not come without their controversy. However, they are great fun and a must have for the daring, thrill seekers of 2017. They were first launched in 2015 and were heralded as a cool toy […]

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