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Learn Where To Access The Best tech of 2019

Techamaki brings you the latest reviews and pros and cons of the headlining tech of 2019 Learn the best of new technology for 2019 and get an in depth look at the technology of tomorrow today.

Recent Buyers Guide Reviews

Best Doorbell Camera – Review 2018

The once humble doorbell has changed beyond all recognition. It can now provide gateway security to your property and with improved video, technology can let you see all visitors to your front door via a doorbell camera. In this review we pick the top ten best selling doorbells with full reviews and pros and cons […]

Virtual Reality|The Top 10 VR blogs

Virtual Reality|The Top 10 VR blogs You could say that virtual reality is in something of a boom period at the moment. Computer scientists have struggled for a long time to bring about the concept of VR and it is now a reality and comes in a format that can be enjoyed by many people […]

Best Dashcam 2019 – Buyers Guide

Best Dashcam   Dashcam have gained popularity over the last 5 years for various reasons. In this Best Dashcam 2019 review, we highlight the 10 best dashcams and discuss the various features of each. A dashcam can also be known as a dashboard camera, DVR or car black box. A dashcam is basically an onboard […]

Best Mini Projectors | A Review 2018

Best Mini Projectors   Probably the last time you came across a projector was at school, college or university. It was clunky and either sat on the teacher’s desk or was hanging from a substantial bracket on the classroom ceiling. Well, things have changed somewhat and now you have mini projectors that can fit in […]

Bluetooth Speakers – Top 10 for 2018

Thanks to the modern technology wireless Bluetooth speakers continue to succeed and improve their technology. Lets look at the top speakers for 2018. Bluetooth Speakers 2018 Thanks to the modern technology wireless Bluetooth speakers continue to grow in popularity and improve. ​ Bluetooth wireless speakers have the same benefits as the traditional ones but they have […]

The Best Spinning Bikes of 2018 – Buyers Guide

When it comes to making a smart choice to stay fit in 2018, nothing can beat a modern spinning bike that can keep you healthy in the comfort of your own home. It can sometimes be difficult to select the best spinning bike because there are so many options available in the current market. To […]

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